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WayvGear Co., Ltd.



Wayvgear is a RF expert company which newly released RF solid-state oriented Plasma Lighting Systems. The plasma lighting system is most sunlike lighting sources that has exceptional GÇ£seamlessGÇ¥ broadband spectrum that covers from 260~2400nanometer, while other lighting sources covers only 380~800nanometer. Furthermore, unlike points-array lighting systems that uses single bulb(source) with big power, plasma lighting system has relatively much less destructive attenuation. The longer illuminating distance with most like solar spectrum enables cultivators to get more larger yields and significantly better qualities. Moreover, our brand-new plasma lighting systems adopts RF semiconductor technologies, hence it has longer lifespan of +50,000 hours. Our straightforward custom system (only 3 modules) offers stable operation, simple and cheaper maintenance. If you wish to build perfect indoor horticulture lighting coverage with superlative lighting quality, greatest crop quality/yields and within a reasonable budget, Wayvgear plasma lighting system should be your choice without hesitance.