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RayGÇÖs Lemonade



Since the release of RayGÇÖs Lemonade, in 2015, the brand has sold 3.5 million bottles of our lemonade for a total of over $32.8 million dollars in retail sales. Our growth over the last 12 months is second to none with 2.4 million bottles and $18.9 million dollars of lemonade sold in the last 365 days. RayGÇÖs Infused Lemonade is the #1 THC infused beverage in WA state (55% Market Share) and although today we only sell in Washington State, we are the top seller in the USA (15.5 % Market share WA, CA, NV, OR, CO, MI, MA). We use only the finest pure and un-parallel oils in a WSDA-approved facility. Our state-of-the art Research & Development kitchen works each day to perfect new products. RayGÇÖs Lemonade was founded on the idea that long-lasting, effective highs can come with surprisingly great taste. Through our carefully crafted research, we have developed unmatched recipes to ensure ingenuity, flavor, and quality cannabis combined to give the best experience possible. Our diverseselection of flavors ensures your taste buds are satisfied with every sip in two sizes. Enjoy the same power from lilGÇÖ RayGÇÖs Lemonade minis as you do from our big bottles. We own our own Emulsion Ray's and our own packaging facilities to ensure we remain as a top contender in the USA and International Cannabis Beverage industry.We are always innovating and with a full lineup of new brands and products that have been through the R&D process to be releasedand proven licensing model to deploy, we are ready for the future and revolution of the Cannabis Beverage Markets around the world.