PuroGen is most notably known for THEBOX, a safe and organic cannabis sterilization, and remediation technology. Pathogens are destroyed via DNA destruction via a patented vacuum-induced sterilization process. PuroGen Botanics, LLC is a science and innovation company located in Central Florida that develops and manufactures patented sterilization and preservation solutions known as GÇ£The PuroGen ProcessGÇ¥. We serve the scientific, commercial, and cannabis sectors, providing our clients more confidence with the cleanest environment and in-process technology available. Solutions also include: PUROBOT: Robotic Surface Sterilization of facilities including any and all exposed surfaces and materials including their contents. PUROAIR: Enzyme Air Sterilization utilizes a proprietary enzyme destruction system that destroys the DNA of pathogens, far beyond basic HEPA filtration capabilities. PUROSEAL: Cannabis sealing technology of products to prevent and/or stop the continued growth of all mold and bacteria ensuring long and stable shelf-life. CFUGÇÖs + GOT (growth over time) can be devastating to profitability and reputation. PUROMAP: Modified Atmospheric Packaging for cannabis & hemp products. This Portable Modified Atmospheric Packaging solution allows users to package their products in a safe environment within their own preferred packaging. This ensures no pathogenic growth on the shelf producing safer finished products and continued State compliance.