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Presspart Manufacturing Ltd.



H&T Presspart has over 50 years'GÇï experience as a specialist manufacturer of respiratory drug delivery components and medical devices for the pharmaceutical market. PeopleGÇÖs quality of life can depend on the tiniest of details in their devicesGÇÖ components and delivery systems GÇô so we understand the critical importance of precision and reliability in our work. As the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors continue to evolve, bringing revolutionary drugs to the market, our wealth of experience and expertise helps our clients in pharma and healthcare make the best decisions early in the product and device development process for their cannabis/CBD products, We are best known for our metered-dose inhaler canisters and MDI actuators. But our extensive skills and experience as a drug delivery component manufacturer covers every aspect of respiratory drug delivery for cannabis and CBD. H&T Presspart have also further expanded our research and development capabilities with the creation of the Inhalation Product Technology Centre (IPTC). H&T Presspart's IPTC delivers the capabilities to support new product developments and strategic initiatives with our customers. H&T Presspart has an in-depth technical understanding of the products we manufacture and assemble and IPTC enhances these capabilities and delivers a customer-focused device development and drug-related performance understanding for your cannabis and CBD products.