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Odyssey Elixir is here to support you on your wellness journey through a carefully crafted line of functional mushroom elixirs that are both extremely delicious and refreshing. Functional mushrooms are natural adaptogens that can help the body resist emotional and physical stress. They have brought healing to our world, used in ancient medicines throughout history. What makes us special? Many other brands utilize the root structure, Mycelium, during mushroom extraction which lacks nutrients and potency. We only use the mushroom fruiting body for extraction which is more nutrient dense and contains active Beta-glucans that invigorate the immune system. The result? Our intentional extraction process results in a 6-8:1 concentration ratio which is currently the highest in the industry. You deserve products that are wholesome and activated. We guarantee active compounds and support your wellness by only sourcing high-quality, organic ingredients. We welcome you to try Odyssey Elixirs to begin your journey to your best self.