Humble Harvest USDA Certified Organic Teas Brewed for you in Unsweetened, Slightly Sweet, and Lemon Iced Tea, we've bottled the benefits of naturally antioxidant rich rooibos tea and infused it with the healing power of organic hemp-derived CBD. Humble Harvest USDA Certified Gummies We’ve crafted a special recipe of feel-good gummies to help you find your balance in a busy world. Naturally sweetened with white grape juice and blueberry and infused with only the highest-quality organic CBD, these vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, sustainably sourced treats take natural goodness to the next level. Humble Harvest USDA Certified Lotions Available in Citrus, Oatmeal and Unscented. Luxurious body lotion blended from all organic, non-GMO ingredients to nourish all types of skin to its best self. Humble Harvest USDA Certified Tinctures Organic, vegan, non-GMO, and infused with only the highest-quality organic CBD, these dreamy drops will help you stay centered and tuned in to your mind/body balance. Available in Cool Mint, Chocolate Raspberry and Orange. Humble Harvest USDA Certified Organic Massage Oils Level up your massage game with an added extra layer of soothing power from organic, full-spectrum CBD. Restorative for all skin types, this massage oil supports deep relaxation and the relief of muscular tension

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