INNOVATION & PARTNERSHIP Veteran owned and operatedEuphoria Eats provides gourmet hemp infused condiments. These condiments were created by award winning Chef W.P Davis an Iraqi war veteran. Our goal is to create great tasting condiments with the infusion of Hemp. All of our products are lab tested for quality and created with love.VISIONThe vision of Euphoria Eats is to provide the world with gourmet hemp infused condiments. Our goal is to create a different approach for people to consume hemp for their own leisure. By providing HEMP infusions , Euphoria Eats condiments offers a new and discreet way for people to self medicate. A simple squeeze of any of our gourmet condiments can provide you the necessary benefits of Hemp .STATEMENTEuphoria eats is the first company of its kind to marry gourmet cooking with the best attributes of hemp. With this simple union we bring you ten special condiments that will elevate any meal to become a HEMP experience.