Calico Brands, Inc. is best known for providing customers with the widest selection of colors, styles, greatest value and quality lighter products in the industry. We offer lighters that will meet all indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Calico Brands offers a wide variety of sparkwheel and electronic pocket lighters such as the new refillable Scripto® Hybrid lighter, Scripto® Ultima® premium pocket lighter, and Scripto® Torch Flame Wind Resistant pocket lighter. The Scripto® brand offers innovative multi-purpose lighters with a variety of features, such as a new squeeze grip ignition, wind resistant torch flame, flexible nozzle and a refillable, folding mechanism. Calico Brands, Inc. has the most comprehensive line of private label and control brand programs. Convenient space saving 3 and 4-tier racks are also available for front end merchandising. Programs and pricing allow for greater sales and profits. Calico Brands, Inc. is your One Stop Lighter Solution™ for all your brand and private label pocket lighter and multi-purpose lighter needs.

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