CILI By Design Aquaceutical CBD, MLM & Network Marketing Company CILI is a Balinese word that means, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Beauty, and Great Health. We are a leading edge health and wellness company that produces Aquaceutical Cellular Nutrition using our proprietary nano technology. Our Aquaceutical CBD products are formulated with pure EU organic whole plant, ZERO THC, hemp oil along with over 90 essential vitamins, minerals, nootropics, adaptogens, and electrolytes. Each of our aquaceutical products have a 50/50 blend of CBD & CBG as well as an entourage of other important terpenes. Cili products include SWISH - optimal daily health and well-being, BOOST - energy and mental focus, RELIEF - temporary aches & pains, SLEEP - sound restful sleep, and SERENITY - stress free relaxation and calmness.