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Dr. Stoner’s Herb Infused Sprits have become indispensable ingredients for bartenders and home bar enthusiasts. The unrivaled quality of our spirits, herbal infusions, and unique recipes have claimed international tasting awards and won cocktail competitions all while securing a place on back bars everywhere from upscale restaurants to the best hometown drinking establishments. Dr. Stoner’s has employed principles of quality, vibrant flavors and reasonable pricing to create our unique Herb Infused Botanical CBD Tinctures. They’re designed to be used sublingually or as exhilarating flavor enhancements for cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks alike. Dr. Stoner’s Herb Infused Botanical CBD Tinctures deliver high quality CBD and Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid rich products in rich, flavorful doses. Our liquid CO2 extraction process excludes undesirable plant parts, chlorophyll, fats, and lipids. This minimizes the degradation of plant materials in order to deliver highly bioactive components. Our CBD uses nano-sonication to enhance potency up to three times compared to oil based products. It’s water soluble and will not leave an oily rim on a glass or reconstitute in oily bubbles. It stays dissolved and evenly enhances the flavor of all drinks. It’s an ultimately flexible component in cocktails. It can also be a flavor enhancer in beer, soda, water, tea, cider, and wine.

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